A New Year and Some New Ideas for Boundless Drama

October 11, 2009

During the Yom Kippur service and in the midst of the Al Chet, I thought about the transgressions I have made while writing this blog.  And while Gail Hyman at eJewishPhilanthropy enumerated a thorough list of a communicator’s transgressions that this writer has also made, I also have frequently erred by disrespecting my readers’ time by not being more concise.

Now those who know me or who have read its blog from its inception know that brevity is not my strong suit.  But this year I have resolved to try and communicate more by saying less. Moreover, I also have some ideas on how to make this blog a bit more interesting and even a bit more interactive. To that end, I am going to be making some changes on Boundless Drama in the coming year that will roll out over time. But to the point of my focus on brevity, the first change is to write One Jewish Idea in Four Short(ish) Paragraphs.  Accordingly, commencing with my next post, my new posting format will be to take one idea that relates to the Jewish community and address it in four paragraphs.  While I personally enjoy the exploration of ideas through essays, I recognize that people read this blog to have something to noodle, over not wade through, so hopefully this new format will demonstrate the sense of kavod I have for my readers and their time.

As always, thanks for reading and responding, and thanks for being part of the boundless drama of creation in the Jewish and broader world.


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